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Welcome to WitchAtomic Collective

Hey Weirdos, we see you!

Founded by trailblazers Marta McKim and Helen Reicher with the help of Amanda Mayflower and Hallie Deadnettle, WitchAtomic is more than just a collective; it's a movement. Their vision of inclusivity and empowerment breathes life into every facet of our community. Encouraging artists to push their boundaries and audiences to broaden their perspectives.

More about us

Where and What

Wichita's vibrant epicenter of artistic innovation and subversive talent. At WitchAtomic, we embrace the unconventional, celebrating a diverse array of arts that challenge norms and inspire change. 


In the heart of conservative Wichita, Kansas, WitchAtomic stands as a beacon for the underdogs, the outliers, and the overlooked. We provide a safe, nonjudgmental space for artists to explore, experiment, and express themselves freely. 

What's Next

Future variety shows are a testament to our mission, showcasing the incredible talents and collaborations within our collective. These events are more than performances; they are a demonstration of the transformative power of the arts, bringing together different disciplines for a fusion of creativity and entertainment.

Our Belief

WitchAtomic is not just about learning and performing; it's about growing together as a community. We believe in the cross-pollination of art forms, where a lesson in stage presence from a drag artist can empower a burlesque performer or a comedian. 

Join Us

At WitchAtomic, every class, workshop, and show is an opportunity to challenge the status quo, embrace your true self, and be part of a supportive community that values artistic freedom and expression. Whether you're drawn to the rhythm of belly dance, the allure of burlesque, the humor of comedy, or the transformative art of drag, WitchAtomic is your haven to explore, express, and empower.

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